The way Magistrate Carol Peralta had threatened me in a court sitting

Jaqghu ghall-lixka tieghi: niddetta lis-suppost esperti x'jikkonkludu erronjament u l-gideb sfaccat fir-rapporti tal-Qorti fl-2014

Falling for my bait: dictating to the supposed experts what to erroneously conclude and the blatant lies in the Court reports of 2014

The following are the last 3 pages of the Court report made by Psychiatrists David Cassar, Peter Muscat and Ethel Felice in 2014

The incorrect conclusion by Psychiatrists David Cassar, Ethel Felice and Peter Muscat, falling to my bait

English translation:

Experts considerations

Nicholas Grech has been suffering from problems of mental health since childhood. These symptoms increased along the years, leading him to suicidal attempts as well to commit crimes for which he was brought to Court 13 years ago. He has been detained at Mount Carmel Hospital for several years when he was then released on leave after being evaluated by the Tribunal for Revision of Mental Health. He has since 2002 been kept under cure.

It is relevant that the new crimes for which Nicholas Grech has been rearrested and sent to Court this year began in the times when Nicholas Grech stopped the psychiatric cure prescribed to him by his Consultant Psychiatrist without his permission. Nicholas Grech kept not taking the cure despite that in each visit at Saint Luke and Mater Dei Hospitals he kept insisting that he was taking the cure.

The obsessional, magical bizarre and rigid that Nicholas Grech thinks with as well his bizarre behavior reflect condition of mental illness that falls under diagnoses of Schizotypal Disorder. This condition includes in it characteristics of the International Classification of Disease 10, that are described as follows, in English because of their description – (etc. the rest written in English)


Narcissists accuse you of all things they do themselves

Let us analyse what "the supposed experts" have written bit by bit. The first paragraph starts by stating that I had mental health problems since childhood (note that the word used is ‘zghir’ child, not ‘zaghzugh’ young), yet they themselves end contradict this so great blatant lie at the end of the same paragraph by stating that I had “since 2002 been kept under cure.” As I was born in 1976, in 2002 I had 26 years, so if I was a child at the end of the 70s, at the turn of the millennium in 2002 was surely not a child at all and old enough to have completed tertiary education, having passed 4 years since graduating and had since been working in a full time job of responsibility. If I really had mental health problems since childhood, these would have been recorded at school, there must have been some psychiatrist who used to see me since child, and would have had the yellow card which entitled me for free medicines for mental illnesses, yet there is nothing of this at all prior to year 2002. The mentioned year 2002 not only uncovers this blatant lie of me having been mentally ill since childhood, but uncovers how despite Magistrate Carol Peralta had nominated Psychiatrist David Cassar on my first appearance in Court on 15-Jun-01 in my first Court case, months passed and he only saw me for the first time on 18-Feb-02 just 2 weeks after the fiasco of Peralta himself when he threatened me with smashing me against the wall in that 4th court sitting in the court room on 4-Feb-02. If it is not enough, another blatant lie in this same first paragraph is that I had “been detained at Mount Carmel Hospital for several years”, referring to the years prior to my second arrest in year 2014, when in fact I was locked kidnapped in hospital in those 37 days in 2002 (from 12-Jun-02 till 19-Jul-02) to discredit me, etc. and exactly another 2 months when the sentence of my first court case (the appeal) was given in 2005 (from 21-Nov-05 till 21-Jan-06), totaling to just 3 months and a week which are a far cry from the mentioned blatant lie of “several years” and as can be confirmed also by those 37 consecutive days of year 2002 which I only took as sick leave (and not because I was in anyway sick, while the 2 months of end 2005 start 2006 took them as unpaid leave to not risk loosing the job) in the 15 and a half years that I worked prior to my second arrest in 2014. Regarding the mention of several suicide attempts it must be that I have either more than one life to always end remaining alive and never end at least in one occasion hospitalized, a sort of miracle after miracle always finding the Virgin Mary ready at my disposal and the undertaker cursing his luck, or they must have been completely fake and they that idiots to not realize the obvious most obvious that I was taking them for a ride, as if I was narrating to a little child.

The second paragraph is even more interesting. Because if they are stating that I used to make my “Consultant Psychiatrist” Cassar himself, falsely believe not once or twice but in “each visit” at Hospital out-patients that I “was taking the cure,” he is implying he himself as being once again a complete idiot, a naïve, to end believing me, who used to lie on this matter (of taking the cure) so often to him, when after all this, told him that I had “stopped the psychiatric cure” and not in anyway realize or suspect that I might as well be lying once again to him as in fact I had never taken any cure from him since 2002 from the very start when he began seeing me. Just ask youself if you would believe one who lied to you say 99 times on a particular matter, and in case you do, and end concluding your court report erroneously on that 100th lie, you would end being the joke of the century if it is uncovered that you have fallen once again to his bait, and it is even more humiliating in case of Cassar to have fallen to the bait of one who he so maliciously discredited as being a mere disabled mental since "childhood".

Psychiatrists that narcissists to make you question your identity

Regarding the third paraghraph, just ask yourself how illogical and totally false it is for one depicted with “bizarre behavior” who has “obsessional, magical bizarre and rigid” way of thinking to be able to cope in a full time job of responsibility with employees under his trust without ever taking any cure, and without ever taking a single day as sick leave, and never had any problems on his place of work, etc. Do you consider my research and this subdomain of this website I dedicated to the history of my hometown Mosta as forming part of what that most sadist, most fraudster, and most big liar of Psychiatrist David Cassar completely overturned into my "magical bizarre" way of thinking? What is actually "magical bizarre" in this country of Malta since ever corrupt is the fact that you expose black on white all these lies, contradictions, injustices with proofs and multiple evidence and no one seems to care, everyone swallows lies that easily and blindly without questions but find it so difficult to accept truth and evidence put in front of their own eyes and explained in minute detail. Now let's go for the next page of the same Court report.

The second page of the conclusion by Psychiatrists David Cassar, Ethel Felice and Peter Muscat

... and the next and final page of the report.

The last page of the conclusion by the fake court experts of Psychiatrists David Cassar, Ethel Felice and Peter Muscat

English translation:

From these 9 criteria, for one to arrive for diagnoses of Schizotypa Disorder, one has to satisfy 4 out of 9. Nicholas Grech satisfies 8 out of these 9 criteria.

There is evidence that this condition is related to the condition of Schizophrenia as one of Schihzophrenic Spectrum Disorders.


From all the clinical facts that we have evaluated, we are in a position to conclude that Nicholas Grech is suffering from a condition of ‘Schizotypal Disorder’ that is related to the condition of schizophrenia and fall under ‘Schizophrenic Spectrum Disorders.’

We also add that in the time of the alleged crimes of which he is accused, the defendant was in a state of mental alteration whereby he lacked judgement and autocriticism. Also he wasn’t able to evaluate the consequences of his actions. As such he didn’t have ‘mens rea’ in the times of the commissions of the crimes.

David Cassar, Ethel Felice and Peter Muscat, the Expert Psychiatrists.


Psychiatry: mans best fake news network

Regarding those 9 criteria, satisfying just 4 would have according to this test qualified me as schizophrenic, yet they depicted me as satisfying 8 of them, as a complete disabled mental so severe in his mental illnesses that must have been so since birth and with all those symptoms would have ended unable to attend school and to have remained illiterate. Yet reality is that not only I completed tertiary education successfully, but had since worked without ever taking sick leave without any cure and without ever having any problems on my place of work, at home, etc. Lying so blatantly and intentionally it is for sure no coincidence that they avoided marking which were the 8 out of the 9 criteria which according to them I satisfied, and it would be for sure super interesting for these so fake experts to pinpoint to us which was that unique one which according to them I incredibly got right.

As regards the Conclusion, summing up all these so blatant lies it can instead be said that: As Psychiatry and Psychology are based on presumptions rather that facts it is something to be expected that often than not they end coming to the wrong conclusions. Being that uprofessional in their own profession they are supposed to be qualified and supposed with years of experience, they transformed Psychiatry into the art of blatant lying, of depicting someone totally opposite to reality, of stating lies as facts. And just ask yourself if you would lie to one who lies so blatantly on you, just follow his example, to one who has been lying on me since the first encounter in 2002 transforming those threats of Magistrate Carol Peralta amongst others as if they were my delusions, and after having been storing the pills since the beginning waiting for that chance to uncover everything one day, it was for me natural to give him / them the bait to intentionally make them arrive to erroneous conclusions in their court report.

Never say the truth to those not worthy of it

The last page in another report, this time by the Criminologist / Psychologist Roberta Holland

Roberta Holland also falling to my bait reaching an incorrect conclusion

English translation:

… disorder of personality of Schizoid and Avoidant and in a severe level manifests itself in tendencies clinically signifant similar to Schizotypal Disorder.

In relation to his cases it seems that he was obsessed on some “projects” and acted in a way where it seems that he did not consider extreme features and even his behavior was not conventional. Regarding criminal behavior, it does not seem that he had tendencies to commit crimes and to involve himself in crimes as a style of behavior. Despite this, it seems that he can come to this in times where his sense of judgement is limited and where in his perception he is not doing wrong. The decisions and behavior one takes in life depend on tendencies, characteristics and dispositions of the personality as well his conjunctive(?) ability. In the case of the accused, it seems that these characteristics were functioning in a pathological level and included difficulty in the conjunctive(?) ability. These determined the process of reasoning that served as a source and guide for his intention and behavior.

Its worth noting, that in the period when he was cooperating with the psychiatric cure and he was taking the medicine prescribed to him, although the characteristics and symptoms up here mentioned where present anyway, it doesn’t seem that these were of a level that caused damage or went beyond the legal limit, and he could function (behave?) better. In the time before he began with psychiatric cure and when he stopped it, it seems that his behavior went beyond the normal in a way that he ended harming himself, others and breaking the law.


Patient's wrong doings fakely attributed to having stopped taking meds

Worth noting are the bombastic words used like "tendencies clinically significant similar to", "conjunctive ablity " and "pathological level", words typically used by those presumptuous who want to impress with what they think is their out of this world intelligence but at the end of the day are unable to explain themselves in simple words the man in the street can understand. According to her I had "disorder of personality of Schizoid and Avoidant" with "extreme" and unconventional "behavior" but it must be that all this existed in her own imagination because in reality I worked, had a family, had friends and not only lived a completely normal life but lived a healthy lifestyle doing on average 2 hours of physical exercise, cycling in particular, a day, 7 times a week, amongst others. With the same reasoning it must be that she herself has Schizophrenia because it has symptoms of imagining things on me which were not real, or even worse, because it happened that she herself may have such illness ended considering others as sick like her. She may pride herself as being a "Registered warranted forensic and academic Psychologist", as a "Registered chartered Psychologist (Forensic) and Chartered Scientist" and proudly writes all those letters after her name (BA, MSc, etc.) and presumably thinks she has also the 6th sense of being able to read one's mind, just like a fortune teller thinks he can tell you your fortune when he himself can't even tell his very own, but at the end she has to admit that actually she is not even able to conceive if the one in front of her whom she is discrediting as a mere disabled mental, is actually taking her for a ride, is lying to her, is misguiding her without she even noticing, is dictating to her what to incredibly erroneously write in her last paragraph of the court report, and end concluding erroneously that my wrongdoings were a result of having stopped taking the cure when the cure I had not even ever started taking it apart that it was so insignificant that it could not have had any effect anyway (if only she checked facts beforehand, but you know in Psychiatry facts are put aside in preference to presumptions and blatant lies). At the end of the day she is like that village idiot with the intelligence of a parrot, not only swallowing and repeating lies without any suspicion but even writing them down in her conclusion as a proof of her non expertise, of how fake she is, of how fake Psychiatry is (always compare it to a fortune teller, pretends to read you your fortune, when not even able to read his very own).

As an example consider the ancient Greek philosopher Phytagoras writing a full report trying to explain this or that only to end coming with the wrong conclusion (instead of discovering a2 + b2 = c2 he erroneously concludes say that a + a = a2). He would for sure not have been remembered for his famous mathematical theorem but for his stupidity, and would have been a classical example of what another Greek philospher humbly once said on himself "I know that I know nothing," or in simpler more clear words that "The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing." But for the presumptous she is, the opposite applies to her: "knows nothing but pretends to be the know-it-all expert." Its part of the complex world we live in where one who ends being poor and illiterate all his life ends up a master craftsman remembered for his genius and talent, while one that rich to spend money in Universities studying abroad as if to impress, ends being a cretin more than he/she originally was. It comes to my mind Charles Darwin's theory of evolution where nature took hundreds of thousand of years evolving each species surviving only the strongest, the fittest, yet developments in science have in less than a century allowed the weak and the cretins to survive outnumbering the strong and imposing their stupid theories and presumptions on us, to the point that it has become the norm to take pills for the slightest mishap and because they are sick pretend that everyone is sick like them, and unfortunately their own ignorance prevents them from realizing how ignorant they really are. To get an idea, just imagine yourself as being falsely depicted as suffering from Aids without even doing you any blood or urine tests and everyone ends considering you as some drug addict, as one who frequented prostitutes or was a homosexual or some sexual pervert. That would be already too severe, now labelling you falsely as mentally ill is even worse because you loose all your dignity, you become like a voice in the desert no one hears your cries and everyone takes you with a pinch of salt, and you find yourself unable to remove the mud so sticky they vilely covered you with.

Roberta Holland the typical lecturer at University of Malta

The above is a screenshot of Roberta's Holland profile extracted from UOM where she shares her so unique out of this world wisdom and intelligence as a visiting lecturer, indoctrinating the future generation with her stupidities and presumptions. In Maltese we have a special derogatory term dedicated to women the type of Holland who despite flattering in having "graduated with a first degree in Psychology with Honours," she let herself being misguided by one whom she herself discredited as a mental to intentionally make her come to the wrong conclusion - it is the word "BASSET" or in English "SHE FARTED," and for sure in her case it must have left that so very terrible stinky smell.I am totally convinced she graduated with "Honours" either because she has that foreign surname and because she is a woman or else because being qualified is such a fake subject as Psychology / Psychiatry, the more fake you are must for sure be a very big asset. In the above screenshot she lists "Theology" as a subject she studied / graduated in - it must be that at some point in her life she was on the verge of becoming a "soru tal-klawsura" (a cloistered nun), only that her greed for money and the satisfaction of being praised for writing baseless reports full of blatant lies must have made her lose her vocation. May God have mercy of her sins for she is either an idiot from birth or, using her own lies on me in her report, that "(her) sense of judgement is limited and where in (her) perception (she) is not doing wrong." She is a classic example of one who sees the speck that is in one's eye, but incredibly, does not notice the big log that is in her own eye (Matthew, Ch.7, Verse 3) - she really learnt nothing from Theology she prides herself to have studied. Her "cretin disorder" must have made her forget everything.

After all this, don't expect Magistrate Carol Peralta to be anything less ...

Extract from the Court sentence, page 3

Magistrate Carol Peralta admitting no science in Psychiatry so much that the Psychiatrist report was inconclusive

English translation
- Saw the script of the court sitting of twenty (20) March 2014 where this court presided by another (Magistrate Dr. Marsanne Farrugia) in the day the Court began hearing the case ("presentata"?), had nominated Psychiatrist George Debono, who testified on thirty (30) March 2014 and submitted his written report, to examine the accused.
- Saw the script of the court sitting of twenty ninth (29) May 2014 which nominated Dr. David Cassar, Dr. Peter Muscat, Dr. Ethel Felice and later on Dr. Roberta Holland. The three submitted their report on twenty third (23) June 2014. Dr. Roberta Holland also submitted her report in the court sitting of twenty third (23) June 2014.
- After having Dr. David Cassar, Dr. Peter Muscat, Dr. Ethel Felice and Dr. Roberta Holland confirmed under oath their conclusions reached in their submitted reports .
- The Court felt that the testimony and the report of Dr. George Debono was inconclusive.

Extract from the Court sentence, page 5

Magistrate Carol Peralta contradicting himself saying the Psychiatrists report was scientific

English translation
- This Court is not bound to rely on the experts' say if it does not agree with their conclusions.
- Now in this case, the Court cannot not agree because their judgement was one that was made on a mental examination and the result of their examination was a scientific one and so this Court does not feel that in any way can ignore what they concluded regarding the chronic illness that the accused is suffering from.
- Thus the Court is faced with a situation that proves to her satisfaction that what happened against the law was committed by the accused but this when he was suffering from a psychosis - an acute illness that did not leave the accused the ability to distinguish between good and evil.


Note how Peralta is quoting the date of "thirty (30) March 2014" BOTH in words and in figures to further emphasize the accuracy in his writing of this date, when supposed Psychiatrist George Debono testified and submitted his court report, only that this date happened to be a Sunday. He should have written instead 30-Apr-2014, a month later, not March, but rest assured it was not some genuine mistake by Peralta considering the revenge he wanted to do of me, he simply manipulated this date to be one BEFORE he took over my case on 1-Apr-14, April fools day, on my 2nd Court appearance (of my 2nd Court case of 2014), as if he wanted to start everything afresh, and so much my 1st Court case had left an impact on his life that it wasn't simply one out of many which he simply forgot once he no longer had to deal with it, but on the other hand he remembered me quite well, just as well as the Psychiatrists he had nominated back then who had saved him the career in that such crucial moment, and would reward them yet again giving them another assignment for he knew well the "expertise" to expect from them! He simply made it appear to be relying on more experts, knowing quite well ones who had condemned me as mental once, the same ones will not in a billionth chance end contradict themselves declare me not a mental yet again (be prejudiced), in particular if everything was done with malicious intent from the start. The only glitch was that out of the 3 from my 1st Court case he had nominated again on 7-May-14, Psychiatrist Joseph Pisani had since died, so nominating instead on 29-May-14 a woman (Ethel Felice) among 2 dominant "old" males would perfectly fill the gap and help reduce further any risks (it was in vain anyway, would not have told the "new" her the intricacies of my 1st Court case when also in front and in the presence of the "old" twos). So my only way out was to leave them labelling me once again as a mental but intentionally bring them to this through a wrong conclusion.

Psychiatrists that incompetents to disagree with each other

Then comes the sentence "The Court felt that the testimony and the report of Dr. George Debono was inconclusive." His use of "The Court" and the previously mentioned intententionally incorrect date could be to further make it appear this happened when the case was under Dr. Marsanne Farrugia, before he took over himself, and was thus she who found Debono's testimony and report inconclusive (meaning it proves nothing, back to square one). Peralta is thus perfectly well portraying Debono as incompetent (the Maltese word is "iccumbah", hit the nail on its head, he was spot on, for a Psychiatrist is nothing but a failed doctor, a fraudster on a much much larger scale than a fortune-teller), as a not expert at all, as not fit for purpose, as a waste of time, as can be expected from anyone who has to do with Psychiatry, for something which is not backed by science (say blood / urine tests, brain scan, etc.) proves nothing, in other words Peralta is admitting he knows perfectly well that Psychiatry has no science in it, for rest assured had there existed some X-ray test or whatever, Debono would have used it to avoid this embarrasment of being portrayed as a pure Gahan (a name for a Maltese idiot). But further on Peralta is contradicting himself saying the report done by the 3 others and R. Holland is "a scientific one", so much of science is in it that ended making them fall to my bait made them come to an incorrect conclusion, they pretend to read you your mind but instead are that incompetents to not even be able to detect if you are lying to them, for what I had said to Debono, I had said it to them just weeks later, so if Debono all by himself is an idiot by Peralta's standards for his report being "inconclusive," the 3 others and Holland are even more to have all together made fool of themselves came up with a supposed "scientific" conclusive report with a wrong conclusion, so if that of Debono proves (me) nothing, but proves him as an incompetent, of the others with a wrong conclusion proves them incompetents even more (I don't have Debono's report in my hands, but I think I made him arrive to the same incorrect conclusion just as well, only that he may have doubted it a bit to end being "inconclusive"). So much there is no science in Psychiatry, Psychiatrists are not even able to agree between themselves on the same person on the same matter, ones seeing it round, the other square, ones are sure of it, the other doubtful, ones ending with an incorrect conclusion, the other with an inconclusive and just as well incorrect one.

The pretense of Psychiatric expertise in criminal cases has degraded both medicine and law, and insulted the foundations of human society

Now let us analyze further some dates, all from year 2014: From 20-Mar (Psyc. Debono nominated) till 30-Apr (testifies and submits his report) there are 41 days, from 29-May (the 3 Psyc. including Felice nominated) to 23-Jun (testify and submit their reports) there are 24 days, and even worth noting from 7-May (3 Psyc. nominated, but Pisani dead) to 29-May (Holland, Felice instead of Pisani nominated) there are 22 days, but incredibly from the mentioned court sitting of Mon 23-Jun (2 reports submitted) till Thur 26-Jun (the sentence was given) there are only just 3 days - how could ever Peralta find a gap in his busy court schedule to fix such a court sitting within 3 days, in the same week, not even between a weekend say he had ample spare time to manage to write a 10 page sentence (I admit most of it is just copy and paste)? Was Peralta trying to convey some message to me by intentionally delivering his sentence on 26-Jun? Of course, everything was premeditated, for when out of curiosity google searched "26 jun", came the 1st one an article by Wikipedia saying it is the 177th day of the year. And guess this number happened to be the Identity card number of the daughter of that ex-registrar of the Court whom for so long had mocked up in my 1st Court case writing it on walls and so on. This date was thus not a coincidence at all but specifically chosen by Peralta to show me it was just a continuation of my 1st Court case, the revenge he has long been waiting to do of me. So much everything was premeditated, had an unfair trial, had to suffer yet again another miscarriage of justice, that in their premeditated and so perfectly planned revenge on me, even a simple date, the date the sentence was given 26-Jun-14, not a day before nor a day after, was CHOSEN SPECIFICALLY to make me have bad memories, to serve as a reminder of the revenge Magistrate Peralta had long been waiting of doing on me from my 1st court case, be simply a continuation of it, amongst of the injustices and humiliation I suffered in my 1st Court case, had to suffer even more in my 2nd one (hopefully one day this sort of throwing salt into one's wound will be used to further incriminate those involved). Peralta's sentence entire document can be seen in this link.

Wikipedia 26th June is the 177th day of a not leap year like 2014, 177 is also the ID number of the daughter of that ex-registrar of the Courts

Also, as can be seen from this Wikipedia link, it also happens that "The United Nations International Day in Support of Victims of Torture is an international observance held annually on 26 June to speak out against the crime of torture and to honour and support victims and survivors throughout the world," something Magistrate Carol Peralta for sure knew about as further on in the article there is written "On 16 July 2009, the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture was chosen as a public holiday in Bosnia and Herzegovina." So after had to spend already some 6 years in exile because of me in Bosnia / Kosovo away from his friends, colleagues, native Malta, he must have felt himself to be a prime example of one of those victims of torture, so having been lucky enough the UN mission in Kosovo ended in September 2012 and an excuse for him to return (in March 2012) and be reinstated as Magistrate once back in Malta (otherwise he would have had to stay there till his last day of retirement in say 2016/7), sentencing me on 26-Jun-14 had even a double meaning to him in his premeditated and perfectly planned revenge on me, for he knew well the "torture" a billionth times more than he himself had suffered that sadist of Psychiatrist David Cassar had ready for me eliminate me slowly through the poison and side effects of his Psychiatric "cure".

Wikipedia 26th June, International Day in Support of Victims of Torture

UN report says common Psychiatric practices amount to torture

Also between 12-Jun-02 (1st time Peralta locked me, kidnapped me to Mount Carmel Hospital in my 1st court case, then a year later had to go work abroad exile himself because of me having reported him) and 26-Jun-14 (1st time Peralta sentenced me to Mount Carmel Hospital in my 2nd court case) there are 4398 days (=666*6 + 66*6 + 6, in Christianity, 666 is called the "number of the beast", Book of Revelation 13:18, who knows, maybe Peralta through his sadism strives to be one). Without going into further detail, just say that seeing Peralta's involvement with Freemasons (note he did not enter some chivalric order of noble nature like the Sovereign Military Order of Malta but something which goes against establishment, which says much about his character), there could be a 3rd reason for him choosing 26-Jun, so much that even his (forced) resignation letter is dated 26-Aug-15 (same day '26' of month, exactly 14 months after having sentenced me / locked me [had his revenge on me], equivalent to 60 weeks + 6 days later, or 426 days [=66x6 + 6x6 - 6 = 666 - 6x6x6 - 6x6 + 6+6]), but would rather say that in the same way Judas Iscariot was chosen to betray Christ, Peralta was similarly chosen to show through his sadism the widespread corruption and injustices you can expect from a Maltese court, and myself through the evil of Psychiatry am experiencing a tiny bit myself the humiliation, the lies, the sufferings, etc., Christ himself must have passed from and is still being ridiculed and lied upon on a large scale, also forming part of my misfortune, having inherited it from my father, himself from his father, etc., for many many dates happened to fit at intervals say from birthdays, day of death of ancestors, Identity card numbers, feasts, and so on and so forth, as if everything in my family was programmed beforehand. If I ever manage to overcome the poison and sadism of Psychiatry and get out from Mount Carmel Hospital alive and with mental capacity, I intend to write a book within which dedicate a chapter to the numerolgy of dates concerning my family members, my pets, and court cases - comes to mind an ancient Roman writer, Marcus Manilius, phrase: "Nascentes morimur, finisque ab origine pendet.“ ... As we are born we die, and the end commences with the beginning (i.e. our destiny has been written on birth).

Quoting narcissist Magistrate Carol Peralta's premeditated lies: "the result of their examination was a scientific one", this may be of help:

Vince Marmara scientific surveys?

"The latest scientific survey I made shows that when one applies the Multiple Imputation Technique ... The survey was carried out (on 6 days), has a sample of 750 persons ... has a margin of error +/-3.6%." We are living in an unfortunate era where one to give further credibility to his research / study claims it to be "scientific," this one calls it so for simply calling 750 persons asking them questions whom they are to vote. Now compare this to one who runs a shop, say a supermarket, who from experience knows he sells "750" cabbages (56.2% type PL, 42.1% type PN) ever "6" days, so every year (365 days) he stocks (750/6)*365*(100+/-3.6)/100 cabbages - by the same reasoning should we follow the trend and call this scientific and the supermarket advertise itself as running its stocks scientifically?

3 kind of lies: Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics

"The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, often known as the DSM is a reference book on mental health and brain-related conditions and disorders (note in the extract above from Psychologist Roberta Holland's report, she makes 3 times reference to this "DSM", you find them as end notes at the bottom!). The American Psychiatric Association (APA) is responsible for the writing, editing, reviewing and publishing of this book." - but despite living in an era of continuous scientific breaktroughs, in Psychiatry there is still not even the slightest scientific test on which Psychiatrists can base their diagnoses, so they literally end grasping to straws add the "statistical" part in trying in vain to give themselves some credibility, only that in statistics there is even more no science, so at the end of the day Psychiatrists are confirming themselves as the since ever completely fake NO SCIENCE profession, with psychiatric diagnosis must still rely exclusively on FALLIBLE subjective judgments ... and to hell their victims.

Conclusion: Psychiatry, NO science, NO cures

The above video by CCHR International was downloaded from this link. No wonder Psychiatry being that fake found fertile ground in the Maltese Court, just as well as blatant frame-ups by Police. For from the typical Court you can expect in a corrupt country since ever, don't expect my 2 court cases to be isolated ones: The Court sentences Emanuel Camilleri to prison on the false testimony of his daughter, ignoring evidence (the virginity of his daughter). The Court putting aside evidence (a letter which indicated otherwise) which could possibly indicate false testimony resulting in another man innocently jailed. There was also the case of Nicholas Azzopardi. This is how he was vilified, this how he possibly was. Note how intentionally they appointed the same magistrate which not in a billionth chance would he retract a single word from his previous report as that would make him appear as incompetent, and amongst others how the CCTV footage of when this Azzopardi was figured to have jumped committed suicide is mysteriously (or maybe for obvious reasons) missing. Possibly another case where evidence was intentionally eliminated to end distort completely the whole story on one who from his tomb can't make his point. There was also the case of that Dutch who was sentenced to 30 years in prison, while that Serbian for an almost identical but a bit less severe crime was sentenced to all his life in prison - the difference came from the fact that the latter involved a very "wealthy" businessman. This one got it even better as for the stabbing which resulted in a fatality, he was allowed to run away scot-free. This one the most he could have got was a suspended sentence, but with the backing of the Union, they didn't even prosecute against. This is a case where the Court intentionally makes life difficult. And the list goes on, for injustices in a Maltese court are almost the order of the day - the friends (in some way they excuse you), enemies (in some way they blame you) and money (like the words some local prominent lawyers tell you "Ghax jien ma niekolx kollox wahdi" / "Because I do not eat alone") you have can make a big difference.