The way Magistrate Carol Peralta had threatened me in a court sitting

L-injection Risperdal Consta li ghaliha l-Gvern ikollu jhallas biz-zalza b'side effects hekk tal-biza'

The very expensive injection Risperdal Consta with so dreadful side effects

The emails concerning me being prescribed the injection Risperdal Consta

English Translation of the email shown at the bottom part:
The Committee of Revision regarding the request you made in the name of Nicholas Grech ID no. ---M asked me to communicate with you so that you:
a) discuss with the patient regarding the possibility that as responsible carers be appointed his sisters --- and ---.
b) consider to change the medicine of the patient to one which causes less side effects.
Gently ask you to inform me of the outcome of these recommendations.
John M. Cachia
Commissioner for Mental Health

As can be seen from the above email sent by the Committee for the Revison of Mental Health / John Cachia on 15-Apr-16 a few days after having appeared infront of the same Committee on the 7th, they are suggesting to Psychiatrist David Cassar to prescribe me a medicine which causes "less side effects" as they seem to have had some pity of me seeing the way that tyrant of Cassar had reduced me to a complete disabled with that injection Fluanxol / Depixol always swinging to and from like a pendulum amongst others (it is impressive considering that instead up to my arrest in 2014 I was that healthy person that I used to cycle from my hometown Mosta to work at Delimara and back almost every day with a bicycle made of iron, even in strong winds, which together with other errands roughly ended doing about 2 hours training every day). So that tyrant of Cassar as if to make them think he was following their suggestion, came up with the idea of prescribing me the injection Risperdal Consta, with the only problem being that in so doing he knew quiet well that he was going to cause me to suffer from not less but just as well severe and terrible side effects (in particular read the article: Risperdal Settlements And Verdicts concerning several lawsuits opened against its manufacturer). Also worth noting is the fact that they did not suggest him to prescribe me one with "no side effects" because in that fake branch of medicine called Psychiatry, this is something unimaginable - in Psychiatry making you sick / disabled with side effects is something to be expected, it is actually the norm. In fact one can note Cassar's phrase "if no debilitating [(of a disease or condition) making someone very weak and infirm] side effects" rather than "if no side effects." In the following links one can see the approval by the Pharmacy of Your Choice (POYC) for Cassar's requests to prescribe me the injection Risperdal for years 2016/2017 and 2017/2018 (his original request way back in 2014 had been turned down "because of previous unavailability for reasons of quota" as outlined in Cassar's email above).

Injection Risperdal Consta noted for being an expensive medicine

In the above letter by the Managing Pharmacist of Mount Carmel Hospital (MCH), he is instructing the nursing staff to avoid wastage of "this very expensive medicinal product." The red shadings are my additions to the original. Rest assured it is expensive not because it has any benefit or minimal side effects, but to the contrary, because the damage it causes resulted in so many lawsuits against the manufacturer, and claims for compensations that had to increase the price accordingly, then by listing the damage (side effects) it causes in its leaflet, the manufacturer is covered and the blame is shifted on the consultant who prescribes it (not really, but even further incentivized through commissions), on the patient (1st) who should notify his consultant of any listed side effects he may be suffering from, and an opportunity for the consultant to drug him further to supposedly combat the side effects or else do his part blame the patient (2nd) for refusing help, so whatever the outcome, the manufacturer and consultant are always covered, the patient the victim is always to blame.

Boxes of Risperdal Injection / Depot with my name inscribed on them.

Boxes with my name inscribed on them by staff to be easily identified for whom they are destined. I ended suffering this so terrible injection Risperdal Consta 46 times in total, 31 times at a dosage of 25mg and 15 times at 37.5mg. When I searched the internet for its pricing found that it had costed the Government around €8,565 (15x€230 + 31x€165) over a period of a little more than one and a half years, with €4,950 of them after I had given Psychiatrist David Cassar that letter dated 9-Oct-16 informing him that the court report in my second case was based on erroneous conclusions (probably the costs are much much higher). He only stopped it because he had the intention to experiment / try on me yet another dreadful injection as a revenge for having reported him to the Medical Council amongst others, Olanzapine (Zypadhera) with just as well dreadful side effects, only that the authorities seem to have not approved his request possibly due to its even higher costs or problems once again with quota, and instead he began giving me the equivalent Olanzapine pills.

Olanzapine, like this risperdone, amongst others causes speech problems such as dysfluency, or stuttering and dysphagia, to further make it difficult for you report their so many abuses (they shut your mouth before even giving you the chance to open it).

Some of the items that come with the Risperdal Injection / Depot

These are some of the items one would find in the boxes shown previously (excluding the ruler used simply to illustrate the size of the needles). On the extreme right is the bottle containing this so diabolic drug, a complete whole bottle they will end inject in you in one dose to dissolve slowly in you a bit at a time over a period of 2 weeks when you hear them calling your name again for the next dose (if say you have prescribed a dose of 62.5mg they inject you twice the volume, one of 25mg [pink box] and another of 37.5mg [green box]. Risperdal Consta is also available in 50mg dose [blue box] in case they give you dosages such as 75mg or even 100mg!). Every time you are injected this diabolic poison you feel humiliated, helpless, like a woman, forced by a pimp (a Psychiatrist) into prostitution (a Treatment Order enforced on you), who (the woman / the patient) has been raped (your health ruined through the side effects of Psychiatric cure) for the umpteenth time so that the pimp (the Psychiatrist) earns a living and becomes rich at your expense. You know another part of you, of your health, is lost but can do nothing other than seeing your strength go away a bit by bit. In the centre is the syringe which is screwed with the bottle to extract the drug by pulling the syringe out. On the left are 2 versions of needles: the 1inch / 25mm version if you choose it to be injected in the arm, and the 2inch / 51mm version if you choose it to be injected in the buttock to penetrate you even further deep (twice as much!) inside. I used to opt for the smaller version of needle which the staff sometimes penetrated it to almost touch me the bone or even the nerve, so with every injection I risked what is termed the "injection induced nerve injury" which can result in "which can result in paralysis or neuropathy that does not always resolve." The chosen needle is screwed with the syringe, and then in one fast blow, as if they are playing darts from a few centimetres away, the needle is penetrated into your body. But the problems are yet to start. There was one so incompetent nurse who injected the drug (by pushing the syringe inside) in one fast blow in a split of a second making you feel your skin as if it wants to burst, and in counter reaction some of your blood ends displaced through the needle into the syringe (may also mean they might have hit a blood vessel, like a vein, God forbid if they continue to inject in the vein). Others pushed the syringe inside slowly as were supposed to do but as the syringe had to go a long way through, in the process they inevitably ended displace slightly the needle already infiltrated in your body making it really painful, with some even aggravated the matter having the tendency to keep chattering with their other colleagues staff as the clinic sometimes ended like a sort of leisure club. God forbid the syringe contained some air bubbles for you risk them enter a vein or artery and block it, termed as "air / gas embolism or venous air embolism." The point where you had been penetrated sometimes keeps hurting you for a couple of days, sometimes results in a small bump, and it was thus suggested that next time they penetrate you on the other side and so on and so forth. As regards that attachment shown at an angle with the needle, it is a means to dispose safely of the needle once used.

The ugly side effects of the Risperdal Injection / Depot

The above is part of the leaflet of Risperdal Consta showing the most common of its many dreadful side effects it makes you sick with, makes you suffer from, being a billionth times worse than the problem you may origininally have had, if any.

Very common side effects (may affect more than 1 in 10 people - in simpler words this means that it may affect 2, 3, ... 8, 9, or even 10 in 10 people, so much are REALLY "VERY COMMON")
- Common cold symptoms - in simpler words this means that eventually it ends ruining your immune system, in the long run it evolves into the more severe pneumonia, mentioned further below, with cough headache, back pain, etc. (symptoms of Parkinsonism, mentioned further below, i.e. side effect of the side effect, a chain reaction)
- Difficulty falling or staying asleep
- Depression, anxiety
- Parkinsonism: This condition may include slow or impaired movement, sensation of stiffness or tightness of the muscles (making your movements jerky) and sometimes even a sensation of movement “freezing up” and then restarting. Other signs of parkinsonism include a slow shuffling walk, a tremor while at rest, increased saliva and / or drooling, and a loss of expression on the face.
- Headache.
Common side effects (may affect up to 1 in 10 people)
- Pneumonia, infection of the chest (bronchitis), sinus infection - again symptoms of your immune system being ruined: you become ill more often and take longer to recover.
- Urinary tract infection, feeling like you have the flu, anemia
- Raised level of a hormone called “prolactin” found in a blood test (which may or may not cause symptoms). Symptoms of high prolactin occur uncommonly and may include in men breast swelling, difficulty in getting or maintaining erections, decreased sexual desire or other sexual dysfunction. In women they may include breast discomfort, leakage of milk from the breasts, missed menstrual periods, or other problems with your cycle or fertility problems.
- High blood sugar, weight gain, increased appetite, weight loss, decreased appetite
- Sleep disorder, irritability, decreased sexual drive, restlessness, feeling sleepy or less alert

Note how they prescribe you medication supposed to combat your "invented for the occasion" brain disorder only to end making you sick with other even much worser brain illnesses / disorders like depression and Parkinsonism mentioned above (with Parkinsonism "as the disease progresses, people may have difficulty walking and talking" - again a way to shut your mouth prevent you from uncovering their so many abuses). It's like curing you from Asthma only to make you sick with Aids, like giving the tetanus vaccine to your newborn, but doing it with an Aids contaminated needle. Just ask yourself what logic lies behind such treatment and how on earth they get the approval from the medicines authority. It's truly a case of money of the Big Pharma speaks at the expense of their vulnerable made-voiceless victims taking away whatever remains of their dignity.

Narcissists abuse sleep deprivation

The most dreadful side effects I experienced from this so dreadful injection Risperdal Consta were: difficulty to sleep, and if I manage to fall asleep, end waking up within 1 or 2 hours maximum and then it will be totally impossible to sleep before at least another day; Parkinsonism especially in my left leg when with time began having problems simply to climb up or down a stairs or even to wear a trousers; and above all, impotence. When you tell the cretin of a Psychiatrist, usually some recently graduated one with barely any experience, who comes in the name of David Cassar (as David Cassar rarely came for ward-rounds in MW3A where I was) about its many dreadful side effects, he tells you to ignore them because according to him the company lists the side effects "to be covered by insurances" - go explain to a cretin of this sort that with this logic the insurance companies would end making good for something purely fake (in other words the Psychiatrist is confirming he knows well his profession is completely fake). As regards the side effect of impotence, he jokingly replies telling you that "if one day you happen you want to shake it, tell us and we will prescribe you a pill to be able to do it - jekk xi darba tkun trid iccekcku xi naqra, ghidilna u ntuk pirmla kemm tfaqqghalu tnejn " to the great laughter of all those that happen to be in the ward-round room (social worker, occupational therapist, students, nurses, etc. - a complete circus) with some nurse dare adding "what you want more - xi trid aktar " - a good example of what Psychiatry actually is: taking pleasure in others misfortunes from it originated - as if that tyrant of Psychiatris David Cassar comes telling me when he is about to do it with his so very fat wife getting fat by the hour as she uses her position in that fake Medical Council to cover-up her fraudulent husband.

Also if you dare complain to some nurse / staff about the injection, you risk being scolded telling you the injection costs around "€400 from my taxes, you are not even worthed that money".

This is an email sent to "Malta Parkinson’s" on the matter. They never bothered replying - so much it matters to them when you are intentionally made sick and killed slowly with the dreadful drug-induced Parkinsonism.

In summary ... PSYCHIATRY is:

Psychiatry is the art of depicting poison as cure, of depicting blatant lies as truth, of depicting something without any science in it as scientific, of posing as experts when being pure fraudsters, of pretending to be doctors when being of the same calibre of fortune tellers, of pretending to read one's mind when not even capable of detecting if one is lying to them, of making a living ruining taking the life of others, etc. It sums up a Psychiatrist in being a prime fraudster, big liar, "crime-launderer," narcissist, kidnapper, tormentor, and killer (prescribes poison) all in one.

Psychiatrists only use of science is to trace their prescribed poison in you

Among the poison prescribed by Psychiatrists there are Clozapine and Lithium. The former affects your white blood cells, the latter your liver among many side effects, so they require routine blood tests to monitor the effect of the dosage prescribed - imagine the sadists of psychiatrists taking pleasure analysing your blood tests to see the effects of their poisoning on your health and whether there is room for more. Once your body becomes addicted to this poisoning, stopping them can result in even further damage, what are termed the "withdrawal symptoms," so in one way or the other your health is ruined for the worse. There is also the infamous Quetiapine / Seroquel, which as said very well in this link, "is apparently given as a sedative to jail and prison inmates who do not have such disorders (bipolar, schizophrenia, etc.) just to make them easier to control. Even when used properly, these drugs have side-effects that can be lethal." The list goes on and on, but maybe nothing beats the sadists of Psychiatrists when they want to have the utmost revenge of you by prescribing you the diabolic Olanzapine / Zypadhera injection, for every time you are injected this so dreadful poison, you literally risk your life risks it may enter the blood system too fast to cause you the so very frightening Post Injection Syndrome.

PSYCHIATRY is the ultimate MALICIOUS narcissist passtime of making a living experimenting, drugging and poisoning not some mere mice, but human beings, for psychiatric patients once get trapped MALICIOUSLY labeled as psychotic are further intentionally stigmatized as being so unpredictable, evil, dangerous to permit justify even the most absurd sadistic poison on them, MALICIOUSLY labeled as "psychiatric cure" by the evil of Psychiatrists, for in the same way a fraudster of one pretending to be a fortune teller is unable to even tell his own fortune, “a good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit” (Matthew 7:18), “You will know them by their fruits" (Matthew 7:16).