The way Magistrate Carol Peralta had threatened me in a court sitting

L-ittra mill-Kummissjoni Amministrazzjoni tal-Gustizzja datata 4-Oct-04

Letter from the Commission for the Administration of Justice dated 4-Oct-04

Commission for the Administration of Justice's letter asking who witnessed Magistrate Carol Peralta threatening Nicholas Grech
English Translation (the parts in brackets are my additions):
The Commission for the Administration of Justice considered your letters of 19th August 2002 and 22nd September 2002.
I ask you to inform me who was present in the Court appearance you had on 4th February 2002 (referring to that Court sitting when I was threatened by Magistrate Peralta of smashing me against the wall).
Regarding the complaint against the lawyer (Anglu Farrugia), this has been forwarded to the Committee for Lawyers.
Wait (reply) from your end.
Dr. Deborah Farrugia.

Commission for the Administration of Justice's letter on Magistrate Carol Peralta threatening Nicholas Grech in a court sitting
English translation:
The Commission for the Administration of Justice commissioned me to inform you that the Sub-Commission, after having examined all acts and dispositions, is of the idea that the complaint of Nicholas Grech can be considered founded solely in regard to some words that Magistrate Carol Peralta could have addressed in relation to the mentioned Grech from the tribune in a way that the same Grech felt he was not being treated as it should, words which could have not been said because they were not fruitful to the proceedings of the case.


A narcissist will somehow turn it into your fault

If they "were not fruitful to the proceedings of the case" why did Peralta utter them "from the tribune"? Was he drunk, was he provoked or maybe thought he was in some local band club to go to such absurdly low levels in a court room? None of this, he just wanted to intimidate me and cover up the abuses of false testimony and tampering of evidence intentioned to make me loose the bail that took place in the Court sitting of 5-Jul-01. The subsequent "delusions of persecution" the fraudster of Psychiatrist David Cassar alone attributed that I was suffering from in the court sitting of 12-Jun-02 to lock me up in hospital was nothing but a blatant lie as confirmed by this letter of instead something really malicious and diabolic that was taking place in my court case. But how not to believe a supposed expert of the Court, David Cassar, especially when the case was being heard in front of Magistrate Carol Peralta who was an accomplice had so much to loose if they didn't discredit and label me as a mental before it was to late so that I would never be in a position of uncovering such abuses and be that easily believed. And why my lawyers didn't intervene and mentioned nothing, why all this favouritisms? Not only is it uncomfortable for any lawyer to break it up with a magistrate his superior for the sake of his client the accused, but my opponent happened to be no other than an ex-registrar of the Court, and there the Court was his playing field, he knew everyone, wherever he was, everyone sending him their regards.

Also it was not a coincidence at all that Magistrate Carol Peralta had in July 2003 to go exile himself go work as Magistrate in Kosovo (his last [criminal] sentence is dated 30-Jun-03; this was not some cosy job at the International Court of Justice, The Hague, but in an unstable region, just one year later in 2004 there was great unrest, with the primitive savages even destroying Unesco World Heritage sites including many churches and monasteries some coming from Byzantine times over 1,500 year old - imagine the then Bishop of Gozo Mario Grech, instead of having being promoted to a Cardinal, had been sent instead out of sight as Bishop in some remote African village) and this to save this Commission the embarrassment of having to dismiss him because of this matter. He eventually returned incredibly back as a judge in Malta in March 2012 (his first [criminal] sentence is dated 9-Jun-12), only to have to face him again in my 2nd Court case of 2014, when instead of recusing himself, took the opportunity to have his utmost revenge on me for having in the past reported him to this Commission. Similarly when in December 2013 he held a Christmas party in the court room (it was not simply a party to celebrate the festive season, but a party to celebrate HIS RETURN FROM EXILE, after almost 9 years exiled, he simply did not risk it the year before [end Dec '12] with the PN / Gonzi still in government in their final days [the PL 2.5 months later won a landslide victory in 9-Mar-13 election for Peralta to go celebrate a "Labour lunch" dine with his Labour friends few days later] and when still a relatively new face back in Court [mhux se jibda jqazziza jkun ghadu gej]) and was subsequently reported to this Commission [in relation to the Dec '13 court room party], he later [Aug '15] said he retired, not resigned to once again save the Commission the embarassment of having to dismiss him, and save himself the day, the career, and begin enjoying the pension of a magistrate which he would have probably lost had he been expelled from the judicature.

As a further proof of the stuff this Carol Peralta is made of, see his application PA/03488/19 (site image in case PA dares change original "Desc. of works") in Mellieha in an outside development zone to turn what was agricultural land into a massive eyesore of 6 storey hotel with 118 guest rooms, 2 bars, 4 retail spaces, parking facilities, gym area, restaurant, 2 pools, etc., with his twisted mentality misguided as somewhat beneficial to the environment, scenery, Mellieha skyline, by concluding the application description with those additional "landscaping work including maintenance of rubble walls". It's like appearing to cure you from asthma, only to make you sick with aids, or from my experience, to appear to have been providential to have himself appointed a psychiatrist/s to assess me with all those severe and chronic mental illnesses I ended diagnosed with simply with the stroke of a pen without any scientific backing, but misguided / intentioned to save him the career and make it further difficult for me so maliciously labeled the mental to uncover the so many abuses including his, and be that easily believed!

Narcissists like Magistrate Carol Peralta and Psychiatrist David Cassar are the best examples of hypocrites

Abuses of Magistrate Carol Peralta

Ex-Magistrate Carol PeraltaThe narcissist of the now ex-Magistrate Carol Peralta, with the Bosnian flag behind him, where he had to go work exile himself for almost 9 years because of me having reported him.

  1. In my first Court case of 2001 he did a cover-up of the abuses I told him that had been done on me.
  2. Instead of investigating he threatened me with the words "Don't respond me because I will smash you against the wall" in a Court room and in public.
  3. The threat he addressed to me was in the form of extortion (rikatt), with whatever hidden meaning it contained: 1) the condition - "Don't respond me", to 2) the repercussions - "because I will smash you against the wall."
  4. He ensured that I be kidnapped in Mount Carmel hospital in 2002 innocently to discredit me and save his career.
  5. When he kidnapped me in hospital he knew I was going to be drugged up with pills to silence me once forever.
  6. When he kidnapped me in hospital made it with the intention to intimidate me that I suffer repercussions if I dare report him.
  7. He nominated for me a lawyer Tonio Azzopardi instead of another one whose turn it was intentionally to favor him and my opponents by not mentioning anything of their abuses and make fool of me.
  8. He was an accomplice with Psychiatrist David Cassar when he knew he was testifying falsely on me labeling me the mental to save him his career.
  9. Because of these abuses started by him, I ended, when the sentence of my first court case was given in 2005, locked again innocently in Mount Carmel hospital and when I had my 2nd Court case of 2014 I ended once again locked innocently in this hospital as they continued to built on the lies that had originated on me from my first case.
  10. He didn't recuse himself in my 2nd Court case of 2014 when he knew he had a conflict of interest because of the abuses he had done on me in the past and me having reported him to the Commission for the Administration of Justice (see above) and in this way once again deprived me from the right for a fair hearing.
  11. In my 2nd Court case of 2014, despite knowing frame-ups and character assassination were done on me by the Police so much that in his sentence he mentioned the animals I used to find them already dead, he didn't question why my accusations were done with exactly the opposite meaning and made a cover-up of these abuses.
  12. He intentionally appointed the Psychiatrists of my first case as obviously he got what he wanted with them, as if Psychiatrists would contradict themselves what they have said years before, in particular if everything had a malicious start.
  13. So much he was doing everything in revenge, that even a simple date when he gave the sentence 26-Jun-14, neither a day before, nor a day after, was intentioned to show me the revenge he long had in mind of doing me from my 1st court case.
  14. With the sentence he gave, he ensured that I be kidnapped once again innocently to Mount Carmel Hospital when he knew perfectly well the Psychiatrists's reports were totally fake, non-scientific, and unreliable, to the point of calling one of them inconclusive.
  15. To save his career and cover-up his abuses and those of his friends, I had to suffer miscarriage of justice in both my 2 Court cases and end maliciously labeled the mental for all my life which in itself ruined my life forever and had repercussions even on my relatives.

Other emails in Maltese which confirm that far from this Commission being for the administration of justice, it is instead a Commission for the cover-ups of injustices. Worth reading this article from year 2012 titled What Commission? What Administration? What Justice?