The way Magistrate Carol Peralta had threatened me in a court sitting

Statistika minghand tal-Animal Welfare ta' kemm jinqatlu annimali f'incidenti tat-traffiku f'Malta

Statistics by those of the Animal Welfare of how many animals get killed in traffic accidents in Malta

The high incidence of animals killed on the roads in Malta, roughly 1 per day

Email enquiring about the role those of the Animal Welfare had in the Mosta case where the accused had 3 cats pets at home
English translation:
Thank you very much for the information you sent me. If possible I am going to annoy you for the last time if you can send me also this information:
On that renowned case of the one who used to crucify animals in Mosta, it was mentioned that he had 2 cats alive at home. If you can tell me what is the role of the Animal Welfare in cases like these and if you found signs of violence on them, maybe they were traumatized and what happened of them (if they are still alive in some sanctuary I am ready to adopt them).

It was an embarrassing question to the point that this time I remained without a reply because how could it be that you have a case of one accused of maltreatment and killing of animals and then he had 2 cats as pets (actually 3 cats) at home and no one examines them. The Police were more than convinced that I had done nothing of this to the point that they didn't involve those of the Animal Welfare and yet neither these took any initiative to examine them say to check if they had diseases, were stressed, tame or savage, declawed, etc.

A Commissioner for Animals who was not even called to investigate my 3 cats pets I Nicholas Grech had at home
The third paragraph from the bottom: "He had a crucial role for the Police to solve the case of animals crucified in Mosta." NOT TRUE. The Police didn't even involve him after my arrest to examine my 3 cats I had as pets at home, so much they were more than convinced that I love animals and could never arrive to maltreat or kill one, so much they were framing me up with unfounded accusations. With such a high rate of animals killed in traffic accidents, the most he could have come to was to tell them that the animals I used to hang for sure I was finding them already dead from the roads because it would have been very anomalous to go to the hassle of fetching and catching them alive when already dead there is such an abundance and in particular places (frequent more on main roads prone to traffic located in the countryside). It would have appeared also very anomalous to reveal he was not involved in my case, depicted as the worse case of maltreatment and killing of animals when in reality I did nothing of this, and so they added this sentence to avoid embarrassing questions.

If perhaps it is so difficult to imagine that those of the Animal Welfare just didn't care at all to investigate / examine the pets of one accused with cruelty and killing of animals since they participated so wholeheartedly with their silence in this premeditated frame-up on me, maybe the following emails sent to the successor of this Commissioner, Denis Montebello, help you understand better. These emails confirm, as is normally the custom in Malta, how Montebello most probably was handpicked to the job not for his love he may have for animals but because he has big heads as friends who gave him the push he needed, the type of friends to whom he remains indebted all his life. Note how his tone changes when it was mentioned my case, one by writing letters after his name B.A. LL.D. as if he wants to impress with the out of this world intelligence he pretends to have, and then by trying to ridicule the supposed girl asking him for some help for her school project, to cover-up the so severe crimes of his predecessor, but when he realizes he has fallen to her bait and ends with his back against the wall without arguments and even incriminates himself, he offers to meet her in his office to discuss the matter. But when she suggests to him to better meet with me to provide him with no other than evidence, he cuts all contact with her and neither invited me to his office to see what I have to say. Note also the letters LL.D after his name, signifying he is a lawyer, but rather than putting what he studied in practice, he prefers to break the law himself when instead of reporting / investigating the abuses becomes complicit by covering-up the crimes of his predecessor as a proof of how much he is corrupt himself. After all in Malta it is the friends you have that matter most, not integrity in the workplace, of course not. Here the link to the emails.

Malta cat killed by car
This is an example of a cat killed when hit by a car but not run over. For more examples one can search Google images for cat hit by car.

The media knew from the start Nicholas Grech was no cat killer
If still in doubt, the above screenshot from an article by MaltaToday shows how the media had inside information from the very start from no other than the Police that I simply made use of animals found already dead. Yet the media chose to falsely label me as a cat / animal killer to further increase the speculation and help them pocket much higher income adverts at the expense of feeding lies to their readers and vilely character assassinate me.